Choosing to Elope

Traditionally Eloping meant running off and getting married without telling anyone, now eloping can be exactly that, or an intimate wedding where you have between 5 and 25 guests. Choosing to elope does not mean that you need to sacrifice any wedding details or that you don’t get the full wedding day experience. Elopements allow you to enjoy the process and your day. Don’t get me wrong, there are still details to consider. No matter what you decide, do what matters most to the both of you. Plan it together, go through options and decide what you want to include.

Your mindset is important through the process. You are planning your wedding day, this is the day that you commit to spend the rest of your lives together. Let me tell you, eloping does not take anything away from having an incredible day, if anything it made ours that much more special. The main thing to remember is that this is your elopement! You want the full day experience? Do it! You want a simple evening elopement? Do it! Want it to be just the two of you? Do it! Eloping allows you to bring your love story through an adventure that encompasses you as a couple.


So this subject to me is very important, not only because I am a photographer, but because I understand the importance! Your wedding photos will last forever and in the end all you will have is your memories and photos. When choosing your photographer, you need to be sure that you love their style, you get along with them and that you are comfortable with them! Chose a photographer who is willing to help you plan out details when you’re not sure or need a second opinion. Also get a Photobook of your day, its is such a beautiful way to have them developed, it also tells the story of your wedding day!


As a Northern Ontario photographer, I know there are so many hidden gems and beautiful locations in our area! When eloping you can pretty well choose any location from your backyard, hiking trail, waterfall, on a beach or one of our favourite locations such as the River Romantic venue. There are so many options! Your photographer should also have some locations and even help you scout for one depending on your vision.


Your dinner can be stopping at a chip stand for a poutine, ordering a charcuterie board or have a fancy dinner! Again, you don’t need to do anything traditional. Choosing your desert, go out and get some doughnuts or pick up your favourite ice cream!

Don’t forget the wine!

Now ask yourselves, do we want to elope or have an intimate wedding?

Yes? Get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you, get in touch below!

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