The Hacienda Bed and Breakfast, Hanmer, ON

Located in Hanmer, they have a beautiful yard with plenty of different backgrounds to chose from for any season!

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Laurentian Conservation Area, Sudbury, ON

We love this location, a beautiful choice of pine trees, lovely forest and a floating walkway.

Bridge in Capreol, ON

North of Capreol, ON

This location has a variety of backgrounds, from large mountains, rocks, rivers, lakes, wooded areas and fields!

Laurentian Beach, Sudbury, ON

This location is beautiful in the winter months, and just as beautiful in the summer. It’s a short walk from the Laurentian University.

Ashburton Family Park, Field, ON

This location has a large maple right beside the Sturgeon River.

Vintage Truck, Warren, ON

This 1972 Ford has been parked for many years, we have finally decided to move it and create a cozy set in the box of the truck.

Whitson Lake, Val Caron, ON

Beautiful beach, perfect for a romantic sunset session!

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